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Residential Real Estate Property Transactions:

Purchasing a home, residential investment property, land, or other property is a major life choice. Being possibly the largest purchase you may make during the course of your life, it is extremely important to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Equally important, is looking out for your interests when you choose to sell your home, residential investment property, land, or other property.
In a residential real estate purchase or sale, the buyer and the seller are first required to sign a written purchase agreement in order to buy or sell a home. Once signed, the buyer is then provided time to conduct inspections on the property. In addition a title property title search is performed and purchaser must often acquire the necessary financing to make the purchase. Upon finance approval, the transaction may then proceed to the closing process, which includes the real estate deed being legally transferred from the seller to the buyer. At the closing, the buyer pays the seller the balance of the purchase price, and the real estate deed is officially recorded.

Commercial Real Estate Property Transactions:

Acquiring, selling, or leasing commercial property is a major transaction which is important to your company's future. Commercial real estate transactions can often be quite complex. Issues often arise when there are problems with the property, the parties, or the transaction. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, the tenant or the landlord, it is recommend that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney to review all of your commercial real estate transactions.
Many of the issues that arise regarding Commercial Real Estate Transactions include:
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial real estate leases, and other supporting appendixes;
  • Obtaining title insurance and reviewing title exanimations and reports that were performed;
  • Working to correct any sales or purchase issues including identifying title defects;
  • Protecting the interests of both mortgagors and mortgagees in both bank and seller-financed transactions;
  • Assisting with zoning change requests and variance issues or any other real estate dispute involving a local, state or federal government entity;
  • Resolving or litigating commercial and industrial landlord / tenant disputes;
  • Or any other legal issues which may arise before, during, or after a commercial real estate transaction.
Attorney Alan R. McKean can help you draft and review leases, initiate quiet title actions to clear titles, attend closings, litigate buy/sell agreement violations, assist with zoning and variance issues, and resolve landlord / tenant disputes.
No matter how small a residential or commercial real estate legal transaction or situation seems, any legal matter may directly impact your life or business. You should not take any legal issue lightly, and ensure your legal rights and interests are protected.