Commercial Law and Business Law Attorneys in Ottawa County, Ohio

Giving the policy book — commercial law in Oak Harbor, OH
Laws and regulations regarding the operation of commercial businesses and banks can be extremely complex. There are innumerable potential legal pitfalls in even the most common business transactions. In order to ensure success the areas of commercial law, banking, and finance, it is imperative that businesses and individuals seek legal counsel from highly-skilled attorneys that can harness knowledge of the law and real trial experience to consistently lead clients to success. Whether you have been sued, are looking to file a suit, or need guidance on legal issues, our law firm can provide assistance. Call us today at 419-898-3095 to discuss your goals with a commercial law and banking law attorney. We serve clients in Ottawa County, OH and surrounding areas.

Commercial Law

McKean & McKean can help you and your business to guard against law suits, avoid unnecessary losses and expenditures, and protect your assets. Our commercial law attorney offers legal counsel in cases related to:
  • Business Formation
  • Business Transactions
  • Commercial Debt Restructures
  • Acquisitions and Mergers

Banking Law

The laws governing the use and operation of banking institutions are complex and can represent a legal minefield for both consumers and banking institutions themselves. Failure to adhere to banking regulations can result in costly penalties and other adverse outcomes for individuals and business entities. Furthermore, these regulations often lead to legal disputes between parties involved in financial transactions, including the banks themselves, businesses and individuals.
McKean & McKean represents businesses, financial institutions, and individuals in cases regarding banking law. From individuals dealing disputing charges of bank fraud, to institutions seeking financial damages, our legal team helps clients from all sectors with banking law concerns.
If you or your business are in need of legal advice on matters of banking law, call 419-898-3095 to speak with an attorney.